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Anyone that plays Pirate101 wanna help me with Moo Manchu Tower? 

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Chapter 1 -

It wasn't too long ago that the Spiral had been threatened by Malistaire and his ploy to summon the Dragon Titan. Luckily, Ambrose had been able to find a solution in the form of five young wizards. With careful guidance and training, these five wizards were able to overcome and defeat Malistaire, ending his reign of terror over the Spiral and restoring peace.

A celebration was thrown in honor of these five wizards and everyone felt that they could live in peace once again. Students were safe to come back to school and learn without fear, shop owners could re-open their stores, people were free to travel safely through the Spiral, and the other worlds were able to restore the damage done that Malistaire had caused. Everything was finally as it should be – as it should have stayed in the beginning.

Sadly, wherever peace reigns, evil is sure to come and corrupt it.

~Pirates For Hire~

It was another normal and peaceful day in Wizard City; students attending classes, professors teaching, the shopping district being overrun with tourists. Just your average day. And Ambrose couldn't be happier with the current situation.

“Ambrose,” Gamma spoke from his perch next to Ambrose's desk. “What are you thinking of?”

That owl could always tell when he was thinking of something so he simply smiled behind his beard and replied with, “Peaceful times.”

Gamma instantly understood and said nothing more, simply preferring to turn back to watching people outside the window. Ravenwood was finally prosperous once again and he was overjoyed to see the students walking about. The owl always enjoyed people watching and he could have never asked for a better time to do so than this.

“People watching again, Gamma?”

The owl craned his neck towards the old wizard. “You can't really blame me now, can you? I am simply enjoying the peaceful day that has been bestowed upon us.”

Ambrose stroked his beard in agreement and was about to reply when the door to his office was thrown open. One of his students stood there, gasping and wheezing for breath before facing upright. It was one of his students, Cheryl IceSword to be exact. She was one of the students who helped him with Malistaire.

“Headmaster,” she coughed, still trying to catch her breath, “there's been. . . an incident.”

Ambrose rose from his seat and walked over as fast as he could manage to the girl and motioned for her to sit in one of the seats located in his office. Cheryl hastily accepted and planted herself in one of the padded chairs.

“Now, tell me Cheryl, my dear, what has happened that has you in such a state of panic?” Ambrose questioned, feeling slightly worried. He was hoping that it was nothing too serious – Wizard City had only recently had it's peace restored and he was not ready for something else that could possibly jeopardize it. He gave a look towards Gamma, who was now perched on his shoulder, and noticed he also wore a worried expression.

Once Cheryl had finally caught her breath, she looked up at Ambrose, panic set in her blue eyes, and said, “There's been a murder.”

~Pirates For Hire~

Wind of the murder spread fast, like a wildfire, and soon everyone in Wizard City knew of it. Rumors began circulating and a speculation that Malistaire had returned. Ambrose couldn't help but think that maybe there was some truth to the matter but he dismissed it quickly. Malistaire had been defeated so there was no way that he could be back. Death was not something that could be undone, which was exactly what ultimately lead to his demise in the first place.

“Headmaster,” Caitlin called worryingly from her place in front of his desk.

Ambrose had decided he better contact the five students who ended Malistaire speak with them on who had murdered the student that was discovered in Nightside. No one had even the slightest idea of who it could be. The body had been identified as a Storm student who went by the name of Deirdre RoseBlood and was the older sister of Amy RoseBlood. Amy was another of the five students to destroy Malistaire.

The Headmaster sighed before he began to speak, “I'm sure you've all heard of the incident that has occurred earlier today. No one is exactly sure how, or why, Deirdre was murdered. All we know for a fact is that she was found dead inside of Death Tower at approximately ten-thirty this morning.”

Ambrose looked over at Amy to see if she would say anything but she remained quiet. She looked solemn but refused to let any tears fall from her eyes. Amy was never one for showing her softer side, especially in front of her friends. When she caught Headmaster's eyes, she looked at the ground and grit her teeth in anger. Ambrose could only sigh. He could only imagine the pain and emotion that she was feeling at this very moment.

“I've called you all here because I think we need to have a discussion on what we should do. Professor Moolinda Wu has already attempted to analyze the body through magical means but has found no cause of death, which is only more disturbing. It seems that this wasn't done on accident by someone mis-casting a spell but was done deliberately.”

“What does this mean for us, then?” Cheryl spoke up.

“I am too unsure of that, at this point. Someone, or something for that matter, could possibly be targeting people. If this was a random kill then things could possibly be different, but this was most definitely planned. Here,” he pushed a small piece of paper out onto the desk, “read this.”

Caitlin made for the scrap of paper and picked it up. “Malistaire was only the beginning, signed M. M?”

“Who's M?” Cameron asked, raising a brow.

Ambrose let out a heavy breath. “That is what I am unsure of. Whoever killed Deirdre was targeting her specifically for some reason or another. This 'M' is the cause of it but for us to do anything about it, we have to find out who 'M' is.”

“Well, it can't be Malistaire since he's already dead and gone,” Matthew commented, earning a nod from Caitlin.

“Right,” she agreed,” we took care of that ourselves. Still, we can't just sit around and do nothing about this! Whoever this 'M' person is, they'll continue to kill innocent people if we don't stop them.”

“Cat,” Matthew sighed, rubbing his head, “we can't exactly stop them if we don't know who they are. Besides, we have no leads except this piece of paper! How do we stop someone if we don't know where they'll strike next, let alone who they are?”

“Matthew has a point, Caitlin,” Cheryl offered, patting her cousin's arm in an attempt to calm her down. “We'll just have to look for more clues and hope for the best.”

“Hoping for the best doesn't help our situation!” Amy said angrily, earning everyone's attention. She had been silent for the whole of the conversation but she couldn't take it anymore. “The only thing we can do is go out and interrogate people into telling us what they know!”

“Now hold on just a minute. Amy, you can't just go out and interrogate people like that, it'll only scare them more than they already are!” Caitlin tried to reason.

“Shut up! If I want to, I will–“

“Amy, please, this isn't helping–“

“I don't give a shi–“

“Language, please!”

“Why you son of a–“

“Enough!” Ambrose roared, managing to contain the argument from getting too out of hand. Amy huffed and plopped down in a chair, crossing her arms in aggravation. Caitlin simply gave her a glare before turning back to the Headmaster and apologizing. “Now, I have already thought over a few options and I believe we should try hiring pirates.”

Everyone stared silently before Cameron pipes up with, “Pirates?”

“Yes,” Ambrose nods. “Pirates. I have an old associate of mine who employs pirates. I fear our magical abilities might not be enough for this so I think hiring pirates could be beneficial to us. They are more skilled when it comes to physical labor, so I think it will work out in our favor.”

“Headmaster, how could you?! Pirates are icky and mundane and rude and snotty–“ Cheryl began spouting before being shushed by Caitlin. “I just don't get why you would choose pirates,” she said quietly to herself, puffing out her left cheek.

There is a natural hatred between wizard and pirates that dates back centuries. No one is sure why there is a hatred for one another nor how it came to be. Most wizard and pirates managed to get over their hatred and don't really care either way but some still carry that natural-born loathing. Cheryl was one of them.

“Pirates do not usually rely on magic to help them – very few do – so I believe that they will be able to look past any tricks that have been made using magic. Normally, such tricks do not affect them,” Ambrose said, lacing his worn fingers together and placing his chin upon them. “This is not up for debate so I expect you to not argue with me on the matter. Is that understood, Cheryl?”

Everyone turned their attention towards Cheryl and urged her to agree. After a minute of silent prodding, she gave in with a sigh, “Very well, Headmaster. Still, this does not mean I will like it nor will I speak with them when they arrive.”

The old wizard breathed a sigh of relief. He thought that Cheryl would have been more stubborn about it but, he supposed, Caitlin had something to do with her speedy agreement. The ice witch looked up to her cousin a great deal so it wasn't a shocker, really. Still, he was surprised and yet very grateful at the same time.

Coughing slightly, he turned his attention to the next matter of business. “Now,” he started, “we must contact Avery and ask him if he could possibly send us some assistance. Would anyone be willing to travel to Skull Island and give him this letter?” Ambrose had already written a letter of negotiation so all that needed done be would be to deliver it.

The letter was folded into a cream envelope and stamped with the Headmaster's seal to show authenticity. If he could just find a volunteer, then they would be set. “Any takers?” he urged, holding out the letter. None made a move for it and they shifted around, looking anywhere than at him. Ambrose sighed once again. “Very well then. Cheryl!”

Cheryl squeaked before stepping forward. “Yes?” She could already tell that he was going to send her but, still, she was hoping that he was going to say something other than that. She really didn't want to go and deliver the letter. Anyone other than her! “P-please. . . don't send me, Headmaster!”

“Cheryl,” Ambrose sighed sadly while smiling. “You need to overcome this hatred and fear you hold of pirates. So, please, do take this letter. I can send you to Skull Island but that is all. You will have to find Avery on your own.”

The ice witch grumbled audibly and crossed her arms before huffing. Cheryl wasn't one to show her irritation with a job given to her – as she always followed the rules to the point – but this was an exception. “Fine,” she growled and snatched the letter quickly from the Headmaster's hand. She gave the letter a heated glare before turning her back to everyone and grumbling further. Ambrose could only silently laugh to himself as he readied the transportation spell.

Once the spell was prepped and ready, Ambrose waved his staff and Cheryl was gone in a flash of white light. After a minute of silence, Caitlin and the rest turned back towards the Headmaster with a knowing look. “Headmaster,” Amy started slowly with an uncertain tone, “you could have simply sent her directly to this friend of yours. Why did you send her to the area that he resides in, instead? You obviously did that on purpose. . .”

Matthew raised a brow and nodded slowly, understanding what she was saying. “Amy makes a good point. Still, I think I get what the idea is. You're trying to help her get over her fear?”

Ambrose nodded with a sly smile. “Exactly, my boy. I fear whatever may be headed our way so, if that happens, I want Cheryl to be comfortable around our guests.”

Caitlin giggled while Cameron barked out a laugh. “She's going to be so mad when she finds out!” he says, continuing to laugh. Once to two stop laughing, Cameron turns around and starts to head for the door. “Come on sis,” he motions, “let's go and set up some of the rooms in our house. I figure we should offer the pirates a place to stay!”

The life witch nods with a smile. “Sounds good! I may need to stock up on food, too. Matthew keeps coming over and eating everything. . .” she trails off as she skips after her brother and sending a playful wink at Matthew.

“I do not eat everything!” he growls, taking off after the two of them and leaving Amy with the Headmaster.

After a few moments of tension filled silence, Amy stands up and excuses herself. “I believe I will be going as well, Headmaster. I apologize for earlier. My actions were. . . less than suitable.” She bows and begins to walk off before being stopped.

“You do not have to carry such emotional baggage all alone. If you ever need someone to talk to. . .” Ambrose trails off, knowing she understood what he meant. He can not see it, but Amy lets a small smile grace her face before she leaves without saying a word.

~Pirates For Hire~

Cheryl was beginning to freak out. Ambrose had sent her to Skull Island, no doubt on that, but she could not for the life of her find this 'Avery' person. She hadn't spoken to a soul since she arrived since, with her utter disgust, everyone gave her odd looks and glares. The residence of this island seemed less than friendly, too. Everyone carried some sort of weapon with them, be it dagger or gun, and seemed overly hostile. Most clothes people wore were raggedy and old looking, as if they had been found in the garbage and Cheryl could not help but wrinkle her nose away from everyone that she passed. Some, however, wore nice and expensive looking outfits. She had to admit that they looked rather beautiful and she wouldn't mind wearing them. Still, she thought, pirates were a disgusting group.

“Ugh, I'd rather be anywhere than here at the moment,” she groaned as she walked down the sandy beach she had found. The ice witch had decided to leave the small town – she couldn't take the people there anymore – and go down the sandy slope, only to find a beach area. It was nice and no one was occupying it, so that was a plus for her. “I don't see why Headmaster could not simply send me to this man. It's such a pain to walk around here. . . and scary, too.”

“Excuse me.”

Turning her head around just enough to look over her shoulder, Cheryl could barely make out a figure of someone. The sun was blinding her vision so she had to wait until her eyes adjusted. “Um, can I help you?” she asked slowly, panic beginning to rise again. She really was hoping that this person wasn't mean and that they weren't going to mug her or try to kill her.

She heard the person let out a huff of air. “I was going to ask you that question. Anyway,” the voice was definitely female, “I saw you walking around town looking lost so, I figured I'd come and ask if you needed any help.”

Cheryl turned her body to face the stranger and rubbed her eyes before blinking. Once her blue eyes finally adjusted, she saw a woman standing with her fist clapped to her waist, her body leaning to the left. The stranger's expression was definitely none too pleasant and she felt her panic only rise again. “U-um, well. . . I am kind of-of lost. I am looking for someone named Avery–“

“Avery?” the woman asked in slight shock before turning passive once more. “What do you want with him?”

“Err. . . I am simply here to deliver a letter,” Cheryl explained before pulling the letter from her pocket. “It is from my Headmaster, his name is Ambrose. I was told to give it to Avery.”

The woman was silent for a moment before snatching the letter too quickly for Cheryl to pull back. “Very well. Come with me then and I will see that he gets your letter.” The woman, who Cheryl could now see possessed silvery-long hair, turned and began to leave. Cheryl, not wanting to be left behind, stuttered out before jogging after her and pleading with the woman to slow down.

The woman, whom had yet to be named, led Cheryl back through the town and up the stone steps that she had earlier decided against climbing. Cheryl was led into an open area, with buildings surrounding it and a stone fountain located in the center of it. “This way,” the silver haired woman urged on since Cheryl was momentarily transfixed with the surroundings. The ice witch took off after the speedy woman and was led up another flight of stairs before stopping in front of a building. “We've arrived.”

The mysterious lady pushed open the right door and ushered Cheryl in before entering herself and closing the wooden door behind them. “Come,” the woman said once again.

A wig-wearing man sat at the front of the room behind an oaken desk. “Ah, Aurora. To what do I owe this unexpected visit? You were here only yesterday, were you not? I thought we settled our little argument over–oh, hello,” he said, noticing Cheryl finally. “Who might you be?”

Before Cheryl could even answer, the now named 'Aurora' walked briskly over to who Cheryl believed to be Avery and handed him the letter. “This girl has come bearing a letter. Here,” she thrust the cream envelope over to him.

“A letter?” Avery says curiously, turning it over and noticing the seal that it is marked with. “Oh, it is from my old friend Ambrose! How interesting.” The long retired pirate quickly tears the envelope open and tugs out the letter, folding it open and scrolling through the contents. A good two minutes pass before he pulls his head back up and he turns his attention on Cheryl. “Dear girl, what do I call you?”

Cheryl flinches slightly before answering. “I-I go by the name of Cheryl, Cheryl IceSword, sir.”

“Well, Miss IceSword, is what the contents of this letter state, true?” Avery places the paper down and leans back into his chair, lacing his fingers together while tapping his thumbs against one another. “I do not like being deceived and, if it so happens this is a trick, you will be killed on the spot.”

Cheryl can see from the corner of her eye that Aurora already has her right hand resting on the sword strapped to her left. She also takes note of a gun that is secured safely on the right side of her waist. An icy-blue glare is being directed at her from under the large, brown hat that is atop the pirate woman's head. It is safe to say that Aurora is on her top list of scary people, right next to Nolan StormGate.

“I s-swear that it's true. Ambrose sent me himself! Please, my Headmaster believes that you can help us,” she holds back the disgusted look she wishes to send them at the mere thought of pirates helping them, “so I do not wish to disappoint him with your refusal.”

Silence. Nothing is said and, for a moment, Cheryl begins to shake in fear of what is to come. Suddenly, laughter fills the room and she can not help but feel completely confused. “Dear girl, I was merely jesting with you! Please, do calm down. I have no doubt the authenticity of your letter. Still, I am unable to see why we should aid you. The wizard world has nothing to do with us, as we are located in a completely different section of the Spiral. Malistaire's trouble never reached us before and I highly doubt whatever is happening now shall either. Tell me,” he leans forward and smiles slyly, “why should I send my pirates to help you?”

The ice witch gulps and flashes a glance at Aurora. The silver haired pirate is merely staring at her with half lidded eyes, waiting for her to provide an answer. “Please, we suspect something terrible may be approaching. Just because Malistaire's wrath did not reach you here, doesn't mean it wouldn't have. Ambrose has his full respect in you and I do not think that you would simply ignore a call for help. If it's money you want, we are prepared to pay you. Please,” she begs again, walking closer and putting her hands upon the desk, “we need your help! I can't take no for an answer!” Perhaps there was a reason why Ambrose sent her. She always was one of his top negotiators when it came to Spiral relations.

Avery stares at her for a good while before sighing and shutting his eyes. “I was never going to refuse. I simply wished to see what you would say. Aurora!” he turns his head to Aurora and snaps his fingers in authority. “Go and round up Felix and Krystal. You and those two shall be going to Wizard City to help Ambrose solve his little problem. Oh, and go ahead and take your brother. He has been quite lazy, as of late.”

Cheryl can't help but notice the way Aurora's eyes narrow into a glare and the tightening of her jaw. Still, the pirate woman nods and begins to head for the entrance. “Come on,” Aurora orders, motioning for Cheryl to follow.

Once the two have left the room, Avery leans back once more in his chair and looks up towards the ceiling. “M, hmm? I can only wonder if, perhaps. . .” Avery chuckles, shakes his head, and stands up. “I need a good cup of tea to calm my nerves.”

End Chapter 1

Pirates For Hire - Chapter 1
This is a new story I came up with only recently. I thought the idea out and figured it'd be really fun to do! And, surprise surprise, I actually planned everything out! I made a timeline, plot, summary, figured out the pairings, characters, genre, the works, so I won't have to get a writer's block! Well, hopefully that is. I still have to write it all out.

I'll put info on the story here so you can read up on it if you'd like. I won't be putting the plot/timeline down though XD I am quite excited for this story!~

Also, the original title of the story is Sending Pirates to do a Wizard's Job but it was kinda lengthy so I simply shorted it to Pirates For Hire. I prefer the former but it's too long ;-;


Title: Sending Pirates to do a Wizard's Job / Pirates for Hire

Fandom: W101/P101

Rating: T/M

Genre: Adventure/Tragedy/Angst/Romance

Summary: With Malistaire finally defeated, The Spiral has been able to return to it's peaceful lifestyle. However, strange occurrences have begun to happen all over Wizard City and a new enemy has threatened to destroy that newly found peace. Ambrose decides to employ pirates to help with what could be The Spiral's most powerful enemy yet.


Aurora Silver/Musketeer/She's quiet and can come off as rude but she means well

Antonio Silver/Musketeer/Quiet like his sister but he is not afraid to speak out when he feels it necessary and likes to explore

Felix Keeler/Swashbuckler/He's loud and brash but far from stupid

Krystal Nightingale/Privateer/She gets nervous easily but isn't afraid to get into a fight and protect her friends

Wizard Students

Caitlin/Theurgist/She's kind and energetic and loves to wander around town to shop

Cheryl IceSword/Thaumaturgist/She tends to stay quiet but she will speak if she finds the will to

Cameron DragonSword/Pyromancer/He's not exactly the smartest guy around but he's definitely the nicest

Matthew ThunderWalker/Conjurer/He likes to spend time in the Arena and is the type to laugh a lot

Amy RoseBlood/
Diviner/She has a mean and angry demeanor but that's just her personality

Sibling(s): Caitlin/Cameron, Aurora/Antonio

Pairing(s): Aurora x Cheryl, Felix x Krystal

Notes: Pairings are subject to change in the event of a prequel/sequel and are only set in stone in the particular story in which they take place. If a character should happen to die in a sequel, then the other character can possibly find a new person to be paired with. If a pairing should happen in a prequel and is different than it's sequel, then the two people involved would have broken up/had falling out at some point and could possibly be explained in story or not, depending on what happens.


Well, that's all I can think of for now. If you happen to have a character you'd like to be in the story, ask me about it! I can probably find a place for your character! I have certain roles I need filled. There is already a character I'll use but I'd like to use other people's characters if at all possible. Just comment or message me ^^

If you also happen to have a character to pair with one of my characters NOT yet taken, lemme know! Characters that are open for pairings are: Caitlin, Cameron, Antonio, Amy. Matthew would be open to but he's an actual friend of mine on Wizard101 ^^ I asked him if I could use his character in my story --  he said yes --  but I wouldn't feel comfortable pairing him with anyone. Picture references may be uploaded into stash later. Most of you all know what Cheryl, Aurora, and Caitlin look like though. 



First- You are here ^^
Previous- N/A
Next- Coming soon!


Wizard101/Pirate101 (c) KingsIsle Entertainment

Story/Plot (c) Me

Characters (c) Respectful Owners

Guys. I am quitting Animal Jam. Yup. Doesn't mean I won't come back but I won't be on for quite some time. Just thought I'd let ya'll know.
Anyone that plays Pirate101 wanna help me with Moo Manchu Tower?
1 deviant said I'll help! :D (please comment date/time you're available)
1 deviant said I'm too lazy and I admit it.
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No deviants said I keep trying but I either die or my team leaves near the beginning ._.
No deviants said I'm. . . busy >_>


Journal Entry: Fri Oct 17, 2014, 8:53 AM

Okay guys, it's time to announce the winners! I was really hard to pick, Really really really really really hard. . ., but I hope you respect my choices!

1st place goes to :iconwingedshewolf: I feel she did a good job of showing each characters personalities individually and still being able to show the pairings, albeit subtly, and that's what I like! So congratz on your win!
2nd place goes to :iconraptorclaw333: I love the scene she drew for her entry and the way she put a lot of detail into the background. Not to mention she went an extra mile and made it lineless! My favorite part shows the hinting of the triangle pairing of ChiefxDarlingxAwesome and that's what sold me on the picture ^^
3rd place goes to :iconcometclaws: Her entry was really beautiful and I almost gave it second place but the prior one beat it by just a but. Still, her entry was also lineless and was quite beautifully done, especially the background and shading. I'm also glad she picked General as her entry since he color scheme is blue and blue is my favorite color~


So, I see lots of people doing contests with prizes for spikes, and I figure that I would like to do one as well~ I have three extra spikes (one short collar, one short wrist, one long wrist) that I hardly ever use. I figure it would be best to give them to people who would make better use of them and what better way to do that than hold a contest? I have a few AJ characters you can pick to draw so I will post pictures here for you.

Usually, for my characters, I like to make back stories and give them personalities to make them more, you know, realistic. The characters that you will -- can -- draw are: Awesome FancyWolf, Chief StrongClaws, Count ScaryClaws, Darling IcyLily (SHE RETURNS!), Flora PrettyLily, General SnowyMoon, and Scooter SportyMaster. I will post character references, personalities, and relationships separately. I am adding personalities so you can draw them in a way that would seem more like them (i.e expressions, poses, etc.).

Characters references:
Awesome FancyWolf
AwesomeFancyWolf by Lunarium-Luna

Chief StrongClaws
ChiefStrongClaws by Lunarium-Luna

Count ScaryClaws
CountScaryClaws by Lunarium-Luna

Darling IcyLily
DarlingsIcyLily by Lunarium-Luna

Flora Pretty Lily
FloraPrettyLily by Lunarium-Luna

General SnowyMoon
GeneralSnowyMoon by Lunarium-Luna

Scooter SportyMaster
ScooterSportyMaster by Lunarium-Luna

Character Personalities:
Awesome FancyWolf - Outgoing, Rude, Stubborn, Highly Confident, Flirty, Sore Loser
Chief StrongClaws - Likes to observe, Quiet, Reserved, Not afraid to say what he wants, Usually comes off as emotionless, Can get embarrassed easily around someone he likes
Count ScaryClaws - Comes off as scary but is actually very sweet, Likes to be around friends, Can be shy, Gets embarrassed very easily, Has a short temper if provoked
Darling IcyLily - Highly flirtatious, Outgoing, Snarky, Highly stubborn, Loud, Arrogant, Feelings hurt easily, Lazy
Flora PrettyLily - Shy, Kind, Cheerful, Likes to shop, Is a secret bookworm, Loves swimming, Doesn't have a backbone so she gets picked on easily, Self conscious of her looks
General SnowyMoon - Big Tomboy but she is pressured by others to dress feminine, Loud, Cheerful, Kind, Is a closet depressant
Scooter SportyMaster - Loves to make music and dance, Outgoing, Likes to sing, He takes offensive words in stride, Has an 'I don't care' attitude

Awesome FancyWolf -
Chief StrongClaws: He hates Chief with a strong passion because he knows Darling has a thing for him. Basically, he sees him as a love rival. If it weren't for Darling, they might be friends, but it's doubtful.
Darling IcyLily: He has a major crush on Darling and has had it since they were pups. The locket he wears now was a gift from her from when they were little. He never takes it off and he tries at every opportunity to impress her.
Count ScaryClaws; He doesn't really care much for him but they hang out sometimes. Very rarely. They are impassive with one another.
Flora PrettyLily: Doesn't really care either way. She's just, sort of there. She's basically invisible to him.
General SnowyMoon: She's another friend of his from childhood and they get along well enough. He sees her as more of a sister figure but if Darling wasn't there, like with Chief, he might see her as more.
Scooter SportyMaster: Awesome's best friend through and through. They've been buddies as long as they can remember.

Chief Strong Claws -
Awesome FancyWolf: Chief hates Awesome simply because the guy always seem to be up in his business. He is confused as to why he always is but the questions are always pertaining to Darling.
Darling IcyLily: A close friend, albeit a bit on the annoying side. Darling is at his side constantly, pestering him, and cracking jokes with him - or more at him. Despite her annoyance, he's fond of her, if only for her company.
Count ScaryClaws: He can appreciate the kindness of the big cat, even though he's highly scary looking. He can see Count has a crush on General, even though he tries to hide it.
Flora PrettyLily: Flora and Chief as close enough as friends. They tell each other small secrets from time to time and it seems whenever Flora is around, Darling gets upset. Chief is confused when this happens because he doesn't understand why she gets angry.
General SnowyMoon: Chief and General aren't very close, nor do they want to be friends. General sees Chief as being rude, since he always ignores people and seems to be glaring at nothing. She just doesn't understand that he is being himself.
Scooter SportyMaster: Despite Awesome's hate for Chief, Scooter doesn't have a problem with Chief, so they get along all right.

Darling IcyLily - (Hers are in first person just because.)
Awesome FancyWolf: "Yeah, he's okay, but he's always trying to impress me with something. It's friggin' annoying and I wish he'd cut it out. He should know I'm the more fabulous of the two of us."
Chief StrongClaws: "He's a jerk, but at least he's hot. I'm always flirting with him but he never, never, notices and I don't know what the heck to do about it. How else are you suppose to get on the good side of the wolf equivalent of a frozen ice cube?"
Count ScaryClaws: ". . . The dude is scary lookin', yeah, but he's a total softie."
Flora Pretty: "I have but three words; I. Hate. Her."
General SnowyMoon: "Eh, I don't care about her all that much. She needs to realize Count likes her though, seriously."
Scooter SportyMaster: "This is mah bro, here! He holds the best parties ever!"

Count ScaryClaws
Awesome FancyWolf: Count finds him rather rude and brash, but they hang out together sometimes. Sometimes.
Chief StrongClaws: They get along all right. Or, at least, Count likes to think so.
Darling IcyLily: Count finds her mean, as with Awesome, but he knows that's just her personality and he can accept that.
Flora PrettyLily: Not much is ever said between them, so they have no relationship.
General SnowyMoon: It's a known fact by everyone, except for General herself, that Count has a major crush on the fox. General once saved him from bullies because of his frightening looks and he's admired her ever since.
Scooter SportyMaster: Scooter is pretty much nice to everyone so they get along well enough.

Flora PrettyLily
Awesome FancyWolf: She doesn't like him. End of story.
Chief StrongClaws: They talk with one another, give each other advice, share secrets. Darling doesn't like, Flora can tell.
Darling IcyLily: Flora is aware of Darling's liking of Chief, but she thinks the wolf should turn down her jealousy.
General SnowyMoon: They are good friends with one another and like to shop together.
Count ScaryClaws: He scares her a bit, but she can see his good side.
Scooter SportyMaster: Everyone gets along with him, as does Flora. Still, he seems to get embarrassed around her quite easily. It confuses her.

General SnowyMoon -
Awesome FancyWolf: They are close and General sees him as a younger brother figure, even though he hates being the 'younger' of the two.
Chief StrongClaws: General finds Chief rude and arrogant but she doesn't understand that is his personality.
Darling IcyLily: They don't get along too well, but there is no hate between them.
Flora PrettyLily: They are basically best friends.
Count ScaryClaws: General, in secret, likes Count, but she's afraid of what others may say if she were to say anything, so she keeps quiet.
Scooter SportyMaster: As said before, everyone likes Scooter.

Scooter SportyMaster -
Awesome FancyWolf: Best friends! Awesome is always entertaining Scooter's guests at his parties. They love to hang out.
Chief StrongClaws: Scooter doesn't have a problem with Chief so they can stand each other.
Darling IcyLily: Scooter sees Darling as a party animal that loves to dance. She can be a bit on the flirty side but Awesome is basically her male counterpart, so he has no problems with it.
Flora PrettyLily: Flora is Scooter's crush. He's planning to confess but he doesn't seem to know how, so he stays quiet.
Count ScaryClaws: Scooter actually likes Count and has no problems with his appearance. It's not Count's fault he was born scary looking; all that matters is his personality.
General SnowyMoon: They get along well.

Okay, now that we have that out of the way, onto what you can draw!
Pairings are obvious. There is a triangle, ChiefxDarlingxAwesome, FloraxScooter, GeneralxCount. You can draw pairings of my characters but it's NOT required. You can draw my characters by themselves, hanging with each other, or basically anything you really feel like doing. No mature content, please. . . (Though I doubt anyone would pull something like that XD)

:star: PRIZES :star:

1st prize will win a short yellow collar spike and a rare bow
2nd prize will win a long pink wrist and a rare bow
3rd prize will win a short yellow wrist and a rare bow

Other participants will receive a random item from my inventory as thanks for participating! The deadline for the contest will be November 7th at midnight. If you wish to participate, please let me know so I can put you down in the participator slots.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me!

Participants and Entries
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:iconxxtigu-sanxx:.:CONTEST ENTRY:. by xXTigu-sanXx
:iconwyvernborne:Contest entry for rare spike by WyvernBorne
:iconinsaneghosts:hunk - contest by InsaneGhosts
:iconhostlility:Contest entry by HostiIity
:iconheartglow12:chief strong claws(for content) by heartglow12
:iconraptorclaw333:Contest Entry for Lunarium-Luna by RaptorClaw333
:iconcometclaws:Setting Sun .:CONTEST ENTRY:. by CometClaws
:iconhermionie42:Contest entry for Lunarium-Luna by hermionie42
:icondraven-chan:For a contest by Draven-Chan
:iconjaffadraws:Contest Entry - Count by JaffaDraws

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